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Companion Services

Companion services provide non-medical assistance and supervision to support a person’s goals, desires, and needs as identified in the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and reflected in his or her Person-Centered Thinking and Discovery tools. Goals may be related to the person’s safety, promotion of independence, community integration, and/or retirement. Companion services may be provided in a person’s home or the community.

Host Home Services

Host Home providers enable people to live in the community in a family-type setting that will support them to achieve their goals, participate in community life and activities, maintain their health, and retain or improve skills that are important to them. This may include activities of daily living, money management, travel, recreation, cooking, shopping, use of community resources, community safety, and other adaptive skills they identify that are needed to live in the community.

In-Home Support Services

In-Home Support Service is provided to persons living in their own home or living in their family member’s home. In-Home Support services are blended services that provide habilitation, personal care, and other support services to the person in their home. These services assist the person to reside successfully in their home as their primary place of residence.

Respite Care Services

Respite care services are the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members enrolled in the Waiver. Respite care will ensure that persons will continue to receive services and have access to community activities as described in their ISP/Plan of Care, including transportation to and from the activities.

Residential Habilitation Services

Residential Habilitation Service is provided by an agency in a licensed home serving four to six persons that is owned or leased and operated by the agency. Residential Habilitation is a blended service that provides habilitation, personal care, nursing, other residential supports, and transportation to the persons living in the home.

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Service is provided by an agency in a home serving one to three persons. Supported Living is a blended service that covers habilitation, personal care, nursing, and other residential supports. Supported Living services can be provided either with or without transportation. A provider choosing to provide Supported Living services with transportation, must ensure the provision of transportation services are used to gain access to Waiver and other community services and activities for all persons living in the home.

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