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Providing client and family education for awareness and deeper understanding of IDD/DDS

Family Training Services

Family Training services provide coaching, consultation, and other professional supports services offered to families or unpaid primary caregivers of persons enrolled in the Wavier. The training focuses on how to improve the caregivers support the person or gain a better understanding of the services outlined in the person’s ISP/Plan of Care.

Family Training may be delivered by clinical professionals or by qualified peers, i.e., a qualified peer is an individual who meets the qualifications and standards as a family training provider.

Family Training is available both as a one-to-one service for a person, and in small-group settings not to exceed 1:4. A person served through the waiver may utilize both one-to-one and small group Family Training services.

Behavior Support Services

Behavioral Support services are preventive and consultative services that focus on long-term behavioral supports to improve and maintain a person’s long-term health, attitude, and behavior rather than short-term responses to immediate crises. Behavioral Support services assist in improving the person’s independence and inclusion in their community.

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